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Ameya Classic Club
With the increase in materialism and the need for excellence, the people around the world now look forward for world class products, services, facilities and hospitality. Rapidly changing life styles, particularly in the Metros, have increased the consciousness about health, mental peace and spirituality amongst the urban population.
People now look forward and spend time for achieving the aforesaid objectives and engage themselves in sports and leisure activities more than ever. Traditionally, our country has been pioneer in the areas of health and hospitality & this tradition is very well blended with the western concept of materialism at Ameya Classic Club.
At Ameya Classic Club, an effort has been made to provide world class facilities and infrastructure for the promotion of sports and health. During the past few months Ameya Classic Club has emerged as one of the best facilities in the western suburbs of Mumbai in the area of sports and health and is making strides t o acquire a formidable presence in the international arena also.

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